AWOW proudly presents this year’s vibrant jury

Aarhus Walks on Water is a fashion show, a floating catwalk with wearable tech and not least a competition of 10,000 euros. Eight international finalists compete against each other and the AWOW jury will find the winning team.

Aarhus Walks on Water is honored to announce the three spectacular jury members who work with fashion and technology on a daily basis.

The jury consists of Kristina Dimitrova, the founder of INTERLACED, which is a media and event platform focusing on fashion and technology. In 2015, INTERLACED held one of the first ‘fashion meets technology’ fashion shows. Kristina Dimitrova’s company works with the development of fashion, technology and the integration between both on a catwalk.

The second jury member is also an international power woman, who, if any, has her finger on the pulse of the fashion industry and the latest trends.
Joanna Hir lives in London and specializes in fashion styling of fashion shows, music videos as well as celebrities and commercial projects. She is educated at the London College of Fashion and is also DJ.

The jury is truly completed with the owner of the company Radr, Preben Mejer. He works daily with the latest technology, and the challenges and opportunities that go with it. Preben Mejer advises some of Denmark’s largest companies and his expertise in technology is indispensable in a competition like AWOW.

Preben Mejer states about AWOW:

“I’m looking forward to AWOW, the timing is perfect, as many exciting new opportunities are present in wearable technologies at the moment.”