3D Printed Dresses & Modeclix

Modeclix is thrilled to showcase a new collection of 3D printed garments and fashion accessories at Aarhus Walks on Water in Denmark. As the latest leap forward for the fashion industry, Modeclix continues to successfully deliver 3D printed fashionable products that are customisable, wearable and unique. Shaun Borstrock, Associate Dean for Business and Innovation at the University of Hertfordshire, is the architect behind the project, which has been created in collaboration with renowned 3D specialist and designer Mark Bloomfield (electrobloom).

One of the biggest challenges with 3D Printing technology to date has been how to make it wearable. Modeclix addresses this challenge by ‘printing’ textiles that are highly flexible and mimic traditional cloth that moves with the body.

The complex design process involved in making these revolutionary garments represents a huge breakthrough for garment technology and 3D printing. The project draws its inspiration from weave, stitch and knit and traditional dressmaking techniques fused with high fashion technology. Garments are created from sheets of 3D printed textile and can be adjusted to fit any body shape. The textile moves and stretches to ensure the garments fit perfectly. Modeclix also reinvents itself with each new application. As new versions of the textile are compatible with the existing Modeclix system, this allows all previous Modeclix garments to be re-purposed, re-cycled and re-used creating a sustainable future for the material.

Featuring dresses, headpieces and bags, this Modeclix fashion collection is the first to make 3D printing wearable, customisable and recyclable. Each new Modeclix release excites the market, the customer and the industry by showing the potential for change and the possibilities of future fashion technology.