Gaby Gosztola & Zoltan Szepesi

AWOW: Challenging, Exciting, Crazy

Gaby Gosztola, 30, and Zoltan Szepesi, 36, from Hungary

Gaby Gosztola and Zoltan Szepesi is a Hungarian couple who find design inspiration in simplicity and geometric forms where design transcend into another simplicity.

The two would not miss this project and saw an exciting challenge, which they could face together. Gaby and Zoltan want to learn something new and thought of AWOW as a way to do so.

“Our aim is to fulfil this project as best as possible and enjoy seeing the result of hard job.”

Fashion Talent Partner: LauRie

LauRie is sustainable fashion without harmful chemicals. With more than 30 years of experience, LauRie has a long history of providing comfortable and meaningful clothing to the quality conscious woman.

Inspired by the international fashion trends we develop each season a new collection showing beautiful tops and fashion trousers in the latest fabrics and designs.

We are proud to have the largest program of basic trousers in Northern Europe. We feel that with practically all sizes, seven different silhouettes in numerous lengths and fabrics there is at least one pair of LauRie trousers for every woman.