Myroslava Vethoka & Manoli Ly Pedersen

AWOW: Creativity, Multidisciplinary, Performance

Manoli Ly Pedersen, 39, Myroslava Vetokha, 37, from Ukraine / Denmark

Manoli Ly Pedersen and Myroslava Vetokha want to express femininity and celebrate beauty in their designs. Manoli is born in France and is a student at VIA University College, bachelor in materials science. Myroslava is from Ukraine and holds a bachelor’s degree in Art.

The two designers hope to show elements of a timeless beauty and the importance of details in their creations at the AWOW Fashion Show.

These two contestants see AWOW as a stepping-stone for further work with companies who are interested in bringing their garments beyond colors and shapes – who are conscious in their choice of materials and open to working with new materials.

The biggest dream for this designer duo is to win the competition and start their own business.

“It is not only about clothing, but also about technology. It is challenging to find a balance.”

Fashion Talent Partner: CREAM

CREAM is a Danish fashion label, part of DK COMPANY, one of Europe’s leading suppliers of fashion and lifestyle brands. 

Since 2004, CREAM has been celebrating femininity, offering a unique, trendy signature look that speaks directly to the heart of the woman who adores bohemian luxury with a Scandinavian feel. Each collection is defined by details in all forms, highlighting the uniqueness that is CREAM.


DK COMPANY was founded in 2001 and has grown rapidly over the years and is today one of Europe’s largest providers of affordable fashion, reaching markets all over the world with its 20 various brands and several retail concepts. Special for this fashion provider is the conscious decision to maintain a win-win vision, where everyone from suppliers to the end-customer benefits from doing business.

CREAM is 1 of the 4 DK COMPANY brands participating in the AWOW event.