Ana Manuela Secara

AWOW: Innovation, Futuristic, Creativity

Ana Manuela Secara, 21, Romania

The inspiration for Ana’s designs comes from the future and how humans might look in the future.

The young Romanian designer applied for participation in AWOW because of her passion for wearable electronics and her belief in the technological fashion if the future.

“I truly think that this area of fashion should be developed more, because wearable electronics can mean much more than just fashion.”

Ana studies Fashion Design at VIA Design in Herning. Her focus is on how technology affects the future and the increasing use of technology. Her hope is to collaborate with companies working with wearables and the use of technology in fashion.

Fashion Talent Partner: jbs

JBS Textile Group A/S is an international company with more than 400 employees.

JBS is known as Denmark’s largest and leading underwear manufacturer, but today we make most kinds of clothing – for most kinds of people. We currently boast a total of 16 brands and ship out more than 100.000 products from our warehouse on daily basis. Our products are sold in more than 50 countries with Northern Europe as our primary market.

At JBS we maintain our leading position by focusing on four core values: comfort, quality, individuality and innovation. AWOW is a great inspiration where a young designer thinks out of the box with our products and we are looking forward to showing you the final result at the AWOW show.