mind the web Web Design

In short, I do websites.

I did this one.

Having bothered with web development since the mid-nineties, I still enjoy patching code, grahics, styles, colours and assemble them into nice-looking, useful, and efficient web-based solutions.

My main focus has always been on developing a well-crafted user interface. That is the place where man and machine get in contact. My job is to make the user understand how technology works – or, rather, it should be quite unimportant at all to understand how it works, actually, as long as any technology driven solution is managable by the user. Technology itself should be transparent. What matters is the task, the message, the goal. And often, the art.

I am not a specialist in any field. There will always be a better programmer than me out there. A better photographer. A better art director, media expert, concept designer. But luckily that is not the point. I combine all these skills and draw my benefits from this synergy, and customers are mostly satisfied with the results. So they tell me, out of pure politeness, but anyway.


Mind the Web

We are two guys delivering web solutions, one of them being yours truly. The other one, Henrik Lund, being a former journalist has his expertise on fields like SEO, marketing strategies, campaigns and things alike. And coffee. As Henrik works with content, I work with its container.

As a team we deliver complete web solutions. We create your site, optimize its form and content to fit into search engines’ logic, promote it through SoMe and email campaigns, take care of its security and keep the whole thing up-to-date. If you need any help, you can rely on our support skills and service-minded attitude.

We are your company’s web department.



AWOW is a  great opportunity to show off what technology, design, and art can achieve combined! And what a chance for the city of Aarhus to identify as state-of-the-art in this still-new and growing field called Wearable Tech.