Lone Birkmose Bjerg

VIA Erhverv Head of Secretariat 2017 Academy

Liaison, Fashion Talent Partner

My name is Lone Birkmose Bjerg and I work at VIA. Since 2016 I have been away from my “normal” job and have been working as head of 2017 Academy secretariat – a platform for learning and innovation. 2017 Academy is a strategic partnership between VIA University College, AU, and Aarhus 2017 European Capital of Culture to secure a permanent effect of Aarhus 2017.
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I have a great deal of experience in dealing with projects & events and I am very interested in communication, especially on social media. I have been working in the fashion and lifestyle industry and have established a strong network, which has had an invaluable importance for the creation of partner relations during the AWOW project. It is very important to have close connections between industry and education. Moreover, AWOW is a good example of how we cooperate across different industries and companies, nationalities, educations etc – working together to set up a giant show with many different aspects. And who knows – maybe “sweet music” arises between one or more of the design talents and the companies so that they decide to extend their cooperation after the show! At least they have the opportunity to see each other in a “non-binding course of engagement”.

My primary task in AWOW has been the contact to the participating companies as well as communication. It has been a fantastic experience for me to see the drive and enthusiasm grow between all design talents and their company partner. I have obtained a close insight into the processes and I must say that I take the side of every team.


My tip of advice: Mark your calendar with a giant X on Saturday 16 September at 8 pm. and show up at Dokk1, Aarhus. Free entry and open for everyone. It will be the most crazy & spectacular show full of A’WOW-factor. Be there when fashion and technology actually goes hand in hand on the water!