this.Festival Filmby Aarhus | Interactive Denmark Consultant

My name is Chris Kroer Jensen, working as an external consultant for Filmby Aarhus, the regional film and media center in Western Denmark.

We are working to establish this.festival, a yearly recurring festival, in which Filmby Aarhus will work together with other cultural and creative industries, to exhibit the trends and impact of the digital creative industry, in relation to not only business, but also the general public.

The festival will occur on the docks of Aarhus in September of 2018. During 2017 we will set up a variety of events, as a sneak peek as to the new developments within visual storytelling that the festival aims to celebrate. One of these events is AWOW, an exciting example of the ways in which the digital visual industry can work together with other branches/genres, as fashion, technology and digital storytelling collide to portray a beautiful adventure a Saturday night in September.

AWOW is a significant and strong event because
– It is based on the regions strengths within fashion, design and the digital visual industries
– We are working together across professional boundaries
– It is an original project with scalability
– It is set in a unique location

I am very excited to participate in the development and launch of AWOW in September, and I look forward to seeing you there!

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