VIA University College Chief Consultant, co-founder 2017 Academy

Aarhus Walks on Water is a new partnership of knowledge, design and practice for open innovation in a unique combination of talents, technology and business. Cross-sectoral partnerships will prove to be a landmark and crucial model for the city’s creative drive. Aarhus Walks on Water will make these open collaborations across creative industries, incubator communities, education and artistic creative talents internationally known and attractive to become part of.

Especially talent development will be a main focus in the coming years. It requires strong collaboration and some visible and recurring initiatives where international talents across disciplines will inspire “rethinking the future” of fashion in conjunction with new technology. Such an initiative is AWOW. I’m looking forward to it.


And then AWOW takes place exactly where the city was born as a Viking trade city, Aros, meaning ‘where the river meets the sea’