VIA Design, VIA Business & VIA EUD Head of Research & Development

My name is Anders Bisgaard, and I the am Head of Research and Development at the Design & Business Center at VIA University College (VIA). The speciality area that I represent was originally established by the textile industry in Denmark, and we therefore have a long tradition of close cooperation with companies in the fashion and lifestyle industry. Through our course programmes, graduates can specialise in a wide range of areas of relevance to the fashion industry, for example fashion design, purchasing, marketing, retail, pattern design, etc.

VIA is proud to be part of Aarhus Capital of Culture 2017. In all respects, AWOW is an exciting event to be part of – both in terms of professional content but also because of the interdisciplinary collaboration between institutions, companies and participants. Apart from the clear link between AWOW and VIA’s course programmes in design & business, there is a highly interesting research element as our activities also include research into textiles and technology. This just makes AWOW even more interesting for us to be part of.

We are convinced that AWOW will be a great experience for all.


We are very much looking forward to experiencing the results of the collaboration between participants and companies. It will give all of us an insight into the potentials of the fusion of fashion and technology.