Aarhus Universitet

AWOW Project Manager, Steering Group, Fundraising and Head of Communications

My name is Lene Elsner and I am with the Faculty of Arts and Project Manager for Aarhus Walks on Water in charge of fundraising, networking and communication. I have a background in public and private industry, including major projects such as the launch of HEART and co-founder of the art biennale Socle du Monde.

Aarhus Walks on Water puts Denmark on the international fashiontech map and is the biggest fashion show in Denmark. A show that goes beyond all traditional thinking. The show takes place on a floating catwalk, the clothes are co-creationd between international designers and regional industry, and the show is an open air free invitation to the public.

Aarhus Walks on Water is all about talent and audience development and a cutting-edge collaboration between Aarhus University, VIA University College, this Festival by Filmbyen/InteractiveDenmark and HSF.


With AWOW Denmark enters the international fashiontech scene – and that is where it’s all happening right now. AWOW establishes Aarhus as a city with fashion ambitions. The drive that characterizes Aarhus and all the exiting and vibrant crossover collaborations in the creative industry makes it possible for us to walk on water!