Aarhus Universitet Associate Professor, Developer of Cultural CreativeCcollaborations and Digital Solutions

AWOW Project Owner, Head of Steering Group.

Marianne Ping Huang is with Faculty of Arts, Aarhus University, and establishes collaboration and co-creation within the Cultural Creative field and has a strong focus on the digital transformation. She is experienced in international research and culture collaboration and in shaping partnerships for open innovation and capacity building in collaboration with Aarhus University, VIA University College, Aarhus 2017, more.creative, Filmby Aarhus, Creative Ring Europe, and DARIAH-ERIC (Digital Research Infrastructure for Arts and Humanities).

Project owner for AWOW, academic management of DARIAH Innovation Forum (20 European partners). Co-head for 2017Academy, enhancing talent development and collaboration in the Cultural Creative sector.


Aarhus Walks on Water serves af proof of concept for a new kind of partnership between creative industries, higher education and the public, all of which are strongholds in Aarhus and Region Greater Denmark, shaping a strong international potential. When we unleash this potential through talent, knowledge, creativity, and audience, we walk on water.