Daniel Walsh


Site Production Manager

My name is Daniel Walsh and I am an independent entrepreneur with focus on creating the good, fun life, something which has taken me far around. Amongst other things I have the pleasure of teaching talent development and entrepreneurship at VIA University. I am also part of the creative team behind the festivals Northside and Tinderbox – and one of the instigators behind Kulbroens Venner, an innovative project for city development with focus on sustainability in the Aarhus city centre. My drive is to create, develop and take projects to new heights – and it is a pleasure to be part of the AWOW-team.

I see AWOW as a merry-go-round of exiting genres united by an advanced floating catwalk.

The water and the harbour is a big part of Aarhus and to me the heart of the city.

The innovative way to combine water, harbour, city development and fashion make us see how the city can be used in completely new ways – and that makes all the difference for the good, fun life.

I look forward to seeing you on the water.