VIA Film & Transmedia Assistant Professor

Design Portraits and Film Documentation

As a producer and teacher of the bachelor program at VIA Film & Transmedia I work with many young talents and manage a specific international module with many exchange students produce fashion film and fashion campaigns. We are located at the harbor in close cooperation with Filmby Aarhus and therefore obvious for us to be part of the innovative and visually appealing event AWOW. I have more than 25 years of experience in the film and media industry and think it’s a great joy that the expressions and platforms are changing, as e.g. now, where the upcoming designers’ styles are to appear in a large publicly available show.

Students from our education produce portraits of the selected participating designers in AWOW, based on selfie recordings’ sent from the participants as well as using material from the cooperating companies. The portraits are shown on a big screen at the event, but will also appear on AWOW’S website and Facebook page as well as in connection with the individual designers and companies. I look forward to seeing the spectacular show together with the public and all our students and fashion friends.