Maria Skjødt Jakobsen

AWOW TAK Visual Communicator

My name is Maria Skjødt Jakobsen and on a daily basis I work as a Visual Communicator for TimeXtender. Through my previous job at STAK, I came into contact with AWOW during its very early start and by already then, have thrown myself into its project and its exciting process.

At AWOW, I am a volunteer where I work as the Visual Communicator on the project. I have been involved in researching relationships between fashion and technology as well as the growing trend for it, developed ideas on potential initiatives for the project, helped with graphic solutions, and in cooperation with our other volunteer, Mette Lindholm Larsen, developed AWOW’s visual identity.


AWOW is a great initiative that focuses on the future in fashion, and pushes people to think outside the box in relation to what fashion is and can be.