Marianne Holch

VIA Design Executive PA

Design finalist and jury Coordinator

My name is Marianne Holch and I’m project coordinator at VIA Design. I’ve worked on many events and shows throughout the years, but I can safely say that this event exceeds them all! I’m really looking forward to experiencing how fashion and technology compliment each other when Europe’s young designers go all in on innovation and creativity!

I primarily work with the execution of the show and am in close contact to the designers and companies that are working together – and they are all very committed and excited about the project! I know that they all are looking forward to seeing their extraordinary tech-styles on the floating catwalk by DOKK1 in September, complimented by some very impressive projections and lights – everything in open air!


Prepare to be (A)WOW’ed!
Bring your friends and family when fashion and technology merge for an uforgettable night by DOKK1!