FashionTech indtager Kulturnatten

FashionTech indtager Uddannelses- og Forskningsministeriet i Bredgade på Kulturnatten. Aarhus Walks on Water (AWOW) og innovationsnetværket Lifestyle & Design Cluster viser FashionTech og film fra det spektakulære Aarhus Walks…
AWOW vinder Yiyu Chen / VRS Fashion

Aarhus gik på vandet

40 modeller viste, hvad der sker, når mode og teknologi flyder sammen på vandet. Den unge designer Yiyu Chen fra Taiwan løb med talentprisen på 10.000 euro for sine kreationer i samarbejde med brandet VRS Fashion.

Aarhus gik på vandet

Aarhus gik på vandet! Hent billeder her.

3D Printed Dresses & Modeclix

Modeclix is thrilled to showcase a new collection of 3D printed garments and fashion accessories at Aarhus Walks on Water in Denmark.

AWOW proudly presents this year’s vibrant jury

Aarhus Walks on Water is honored to announce the three spectacular jury members who work with fashion and technology on a daily basis.

Executive talk: Fashion meets Technology

Executive talk: Fashion meets Technology. In this session, Kristina will explore some of the most significant moves from the field of fashion tech and touch upon emerging technologies such as 3D printing, the evolution of wearable tech, virtual reality and what this means for the industry going forward.

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Aarhus Walks on Water 2017